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   height: 350,
   data:{rootId: "", url:"/dvsl/piechartdata/browsers.json"},
   info:{contentsFunction: function(data) {
        return """ "+ data.value+" visits";
   slice:{styleFunction:function(slice, data){
        var name =;
        if (slice.percent >= 10)
            percents = slice.percent.toFixed(0)+"%";
        else if (slice.percent >=1)
            percents = slice.percent.toFixed(1)+"%";
            percents = slice.percent.toFixed(2)+"%";
        slice.insideLabel = percents;
        slice.label = name;
Happy clients

Time Chart enabled us to perform instant visual analysis of millions of machine generated data records and direct navigation into relevant results.

Normunds Pureklis Lead developer, Clusterpark

Time Chart and Net Chart SDKs let us implement an awesome application to highlight the strengts of our NoSQL Database in a brilliant way.

Jurģis Orups CTO, Clusterpoint

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